Connecting Children with Opportunities in STEAM Education

All proceeds from T4 directly support underserved youth with supportive educational opportunities in technology to help them thrive in today’s digital world. The two community organizations, Code Nation 501(c)(3)  and Chicago Tech Academy (also known as ChiTech) are instrumental in developing and overseeing technology education opportunities for low-income Chicago students.

About Code Nation 

Code Nation At Code Nation, our vision is for alumni to build careers that enable them to fulfill their full economic, social, and creative potential. As part of a new generation of tech leaders, we strive for our alumni to have the power to reduce wealth disparity, increase diversity in the industry, and develop technology that better serves our world. In the last decade of programming, we’ve found that young people who finish the Code Nation Fellowship program are 8x more likely than their peers to pursue a career in STEM. 67% of our alumni are currently majoring or employed in a STEM field, including more than 50% studying or working in Computer Science.

Devonte, a Code Nation alumnus who graduated in 2016, is now a Software Engineer at Squarespace.

He says, “Code Nation visiting my high school and introducing me to programming completely changed the trajectory of my life. I could have gone the rest of my life completely unaware of how successful I could be in the tech field, but because of that chance encounter, I met the right folks, learned the right skills, and it was all uphill from there.”

About ChiTech

 Chicago Tech Academy (ChiTech) is an educational community whose mission is to educate, empower, and connect a diverse next generation of entrepreneurial thinkers to discover their passions, succeed in college, and thrive in a digital world.

Jada, a graduate of the class of 2021,  is currently studying Game Design at DePaul University.

She says, “T4Youth helps ChiTech provide opportunities to build my network and prepare for life after graduation, with college readiness programs and networking events.”