Virtual Trickshot Competition
Open October 15th – January 15th, 2021

Techies Take Your Table...

T4Youth, our Chicago-founded philanthropy that uses the magic of table tennis to facilitate connections between tech companies and aspiring young technologists in low-income circumstances, will be launching our first ever Virtual Trickshot Competition. With the need to adapt during COVID-19, T4Youth has postponed its 7th annual table tennis tournament until 2021. However, our community of techie table tennis players is not pausing on supporting the next generation of technology pros.

Why Enter a Trickshot?

Because it’s for good causes...

Code Nation, a nationally known 501(c)(3) non-profit, will be a recipient of the funds raised by T4Youth in 2020. By partnering with T4Youth, Code Nation will gain more support as the organization works to build bridges between Chicago’s tech industry and under-resourced high schools to ensure all students in the city have access to a high-quality Computer Science (CS) education. 

The recipient of the funds raised (approximately $500k) from the first six tournaments, The Chicago Tech Academy, remains a very important ally. The 4-year contract school located in University Village will continue receiving contributions from T4Youth as they continue to pursue “their mission to educate, empower and connect a diverse next generation of entrepreneurial thinkers.”

During these challenging times, this competition serves as a great opportunity to get creative with your skills, while also building connections with your coworkers and friends. Oh yeah, one more thing, this virtual competition, has outstanding prizes for winners.

and with all our extra time inside these days, why not!?

T4Youth's Trickshot Competition Rules and Format

Among the needed adaptations given COVID-19, the Virtual Trickshot Competition will be held online. This format will allow individuals, or teams, to record themselves mastering an impressive table tennis trickshot. 


Create your best trickshot! 

For the purposes of this competition, we defined this trickshot as a shot that seems unlikely, nearly impossible, or requires great skill.


If you don’t have a ping pong paddle and regulation ping pong ball feel free to get creative with your gear. Use what you have at home to create the most unique trickshot.  For example a rubber ball and a textbook, or tennis racket and a tennis ball.


The trickshot must not break any laws and it is important that the ball comes in contact with your paddle at least once.


Trickshots must be captured in video format and submitted via official submittal form that will be sent to you upon registering yourself/team.


Videos must include your name, your company name, and #T4Youthtrickshot. Please keep videos under 60 seconds in length.

Sample Trickshots: more traditional trickshots OR less traditional trickshots

Please note, T4Youth takes no responsibility for what entrants may have done during the creation of their videos.

By participating in a T4Youth, NFP program or event you grant T4Youth, NFP the right to publish, display, broadcast, and otherwise disseminate your video, picture, name, or quotes, in whole or part, in connection with T4Youth, NFP and it’s activities.

How to Submit

  • Complete the form that is sent to you AND
  • Upload your video to LinkedIn, Instagram, or Facebook using #T4Youthtrickshot


  1. Best Individual
  2. Best Team (Company and uses “traveling ball”)
  3. Best student submission (Individual or Team)

Entry or Fees

  • Individual Trickshot Entry – $25
  • Company Team Trickshot Competition – $250
    • Includes 4 shirts & “unmute” paddles
  • T4Youth Shirt – $20
  • “Unmute” Paddle – $10


Individual Prizes Include

      • Quality Paddle & Balls
      • T4Youth Shirt
      • Personalized cameo/message from athlete (Cameo cash credit)
    • Note: Winners will select their prize respective to their official ranking from the judges.


Company Prize

    • Free entry into 2021 T4Youth Tournament ($1,200 value)

Student Prize

    • Ping Pong Table with Sponsor’s logo on it

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